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Cut through the clutter.

The importance of a good design
is understated. In the crowded marketplace, consumers are constantly being bombarded with imagery, ads and new products. If you can't get their attention, how are you going to get them to buy your product?

Figuring out how to make your packaging stand out on the shelf above your competition, can mean a significant boost in sales to the consumer.

Just because it looks pretty, doesn't necessarily mean that it will sell well.

Research is important.  The trick with a good design is to visually communicate the product's advantage. Remember, a good design is your face to the world.

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Let’s tell the truth.

Take what you have to offer
your customer and subtract the commodity, that's branding. Originally, branding was for cattle, a stamp of ownership. You put your logo on it to say, it's mine. Later, brands were burned on wooden crates for shipping, indicating a good source of quality. Today, branding is a meticulously crafted personality profile that tells the inherent truth about your product or service.

It's not enough to come up with a logo and a clever slogan. A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. branding is the act of defining what you are promising your customer. Good brands promise good things to us and a good brand delivers.

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Define the objective.

Whether we are marketing products, promoting a service or informing the public, good web design is a function of selling. A good website will closely follow a well defined business plan. The hardest job is to get consumers to the site. Once they're there, we don’t want to loose them. Sometimes the priority is to deliver an enhanced esthetic. We create visual interest so that they will stay. Other times the priority is to just get to the selling proposition as fast as possible.

When it comes to online retail, first we get their attention, then their trust. We funnel consumers to the buy point as fast as possible and push them over the edge. If we do a good job, it makes them happy.

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Deliver on your promise.

Weather you are informing your consumer how to use their newly purchased product or pitching a prospective buyer, crafting excellent collateral is your company's way of keeping the brand's promise of delivering high quality goods or services.

For instance, in the case of instructional manuals, chances are, your consumers will keep them for a long time. This is a great way to reinforce your brand or have reorder information easily accessible. Since the best form of marketing is word of mouth, having a well crafted piece of collateral at the ready, will make it easier for well satisfied consumers to promote your brand or reorder
your products or services.